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Parylene-Dimer AF4 (CAS No 3345-29-7)
 Advanced Aliphatic Side-Chained

Organic Fluoridated Polymer

Parylene AF4 dimer CAS# 3345-29-7

Parylene AF4 dimer and its precursors support :

Parylene dimer(raw material) is available in at least four different variants (Parylene-C; Parylene-D; Parylene-N; Parylene-AF4), each with its unique properties.

GlobalTop Materials
can offer the state-of-art commercial volume parylene AF4 dimer. The purity of AF4 dimer can be over 99%. Our product specification results in better conformal coating and superior quality.



Material properties and use :

Compared with other parylene film, Parylene AF4 film has the lowest friction coefficient and dielectric constant, with the highest penetrating capacity of the four parylene variants. Parylene AF4 is extremely useful in high temperature applications and in which long-term UV stability is required. Besides, Parylene AF4 film is deposited in a substrate by free radical polymerization process, resulting in a stress-free film that can`t occur with ordinarty liquid polymers.


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